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You know that today’s public policy shifts regarding climate-related issues impact not just the climate transition trajectory. They also impact asset values and risk profiles.

Public policy shifts may occur in plain sight, but the noisy news cycle and the often highly technical nature of the policy shifts means the policy moves can be difficult to spot. Don’t worry, we have your back. From greenwashing policy and climate-related disclosures to the Inflation Reduction Act, carbon border adjustment mechanisms, and trade policy we are focused with pinpoint precision on the language that policymakers use as they walk a jagged line to a new policy consensus.

Our award-winning, patented process automatically reads everything key policymakers say daily. We measure it. We organize it, We speed read. And then we give you a weekly data deep dive using our stored multivariate time series data (the Chart of the Week) and our structured language data, in human-readable format (the Quote of the Week and the Top Three Reads of the week).

An opinion-free zone

Everyone has an opinion about climate-related risks and opportunities. This makes facts increasingly hard to find. We stay objective. We give you the facts about what is going on in key jurisdictions. You make your own decisions about whether this week’s moves are good or bad for your portfolio, your advocacy priorities, your strategic objectives.

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We believe strongly that what policymakers say matters. AIot. So the paid version of this newsletter includes direct access to the source materials as well as charts and graphs generated by our award-winning, patented data generation mechanism.

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Award-winning, patented tech measures climate-related public policy risks globally, daily, automatically. Weekly podcasts & companion newsletter: Chart of the Week, Quote of the Week ("They Said WHAT?"), and Top Three Reads.